Are you a manager responsible for the production process? Can you evaluate the efficiency and real occupancy of your personnel in the production process? Wondering how to easily reduce downtime by unveiling unnecessary waste of time?

The unique CommOn system is a tool for improving communication, monitoring reaction time and staff occupancy, identifying critical points of time wasting and thus instantly increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. The unique interplay of hardware components with software ensures simplicity of use for personnel, eliminating unnecessary time spent by recording data manually, while preventing system abuse.

Usual software solutions will always tell you only what is manually recorded. CommOn, on the other hand, relieves your staff from bureaucracy, while providing you with real and true data on how your business works.

You will see improvements from the very first day of system introduction. Thanks to the overview of the collected data, you will then have the opportunity to measure efficiency and occupancy, detect weak points and improve continuously.

How it works?

Transmitter (for operator)

Calling of personnel to a specific workplace by simply using the transmitter by the operator.

Receiver (for called personnel)

Notification of called personnel on its receiver, which is always with him regardless of his/her location within the production area.

Software (for management)

Provides a list of all calls, including the time of arrival of the staff and the time of the problem resolve, as well as valuable summary information and analysis of the average and total reaction time of the staff and their occupancy, information about average and total downtime, problems resolve, real-time alert of critical situations etc.

Do you have more questions?
Systém na privolanie personálu



How is system able to reduce our downtimes?
By simply pressing the transmitter, the operator is able to inform staff (usually maintenance, logistics, quality, etc.) of his need at a specific workplace. Staff arrives earlier, reducing the overall time when workplace does not produce. Imagine that you can only save 5 minutes on a workplace in any case. How would this affect your revenue per month, per year?
Which way can we reduce labour costs?
Thanks to the collected data, management is able to monitor and evaluate individual workplaces, entire production plant or its individual parts (e.g. paint shop, press shop, etc.) and also monitor the actual arrival time of the staff and the duration of downtime. Based on this data, the need for manpower can be optimized more efficiently. As the calls come directly from operators, the data represent the times when your staff is really needed to solve the problem or to perform its main tasks.
How do we know whether is system usable in our plant as well?
Each business has its own specifics and therefore the configuration of individual features of the system as well as the setting of necessary infrastructure are always customized to requirements and capabilities of the customer. Contact us to request a consultation and let´s discuss together to see whether we can help improve your processes.
How is the system installed?
System delivery, installation, commissioning, testing and personnel training are carried out on site by our technicians.

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